Nov. 4th, 2012

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Yesterday, I went to Seattle to visit with [profile] morthael and [personal profile] icprncs, who are currently living in another state but had come back to visit. I was also able to visit with [personal profile] leenerella and [personal profile] juryrigger, at whose house they are staying and which was where the get-together occurred, [personal profile] balzacq and [personal profile] theda, [personal profile] bork, [personal profile] m_cobweb and [personal profile] darkmane, [profile] domichan, [profile] dporowski, [personal profile] moriae and Gray, [personal profile] ms_vermilion and [profile] splendid_geryon, [personal profile] staxxy, [personal profile] domestinatrix, [personal profile] sistawendy, Amber (who has deleted and purged her LJ), and likely some people whom I've unintentionally forgotten. There were children (who were all reasonably well-behaved, though I apparently terrified one toddler, probably due to my hat; she did seem to get over it as the day went on), cats, and copious amounts of conversation and laughter. Wine and light food punctuated the day.

So, I didn't have access to internet for much of that day. On the ferry trip over and back, I did manage to get 1508 words written, for a total of 8789.


Nov. 4th, 2012 08:23 pm
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Only, I haven't written a word all day. I just keep mucking about on the internets. I think I do need to take today off, though, as I am feeling pretty run down. Whether that is because of a lack of caffeine, a lot of extra walking yesterday, or working harder (and a bit later) than usual, I'm not sure.


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