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just so you know, i've made this lj "friends-only" for personal reasons. i also notice that i can't look at everyone who has added me. if you add me, and want me to add you back, please leave a note here, so that i can know who you are.

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I just got out of the shower. While in there, I coughed up three full mouthfuls of mucus. Not just a little bit, but a ridiculous amount. Plus several smaller productions. I'm going to guess that had something to do with the breathing difficulties.
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Coming back from Seattle on the ferry, I had a scary moment where I almost passed out. The "grey tunnel" effect that precedes passing out, followed by some serious dizziness caused me to seek out a crewperson to get me some medical attention. Fortunately for me, not only was there the normal crewmember with EMT training, there was also a fully-fledged EMT transporting a patient.

The short version of what seems to have happened is that running for the ferry dislodged some mucus in my lungs that I wasn't able to cough up, combined with my really poor posture while reading a book led to me not getting enough oxygen. They put me on oxygen and most of the symptoms cleared up very quickly.

The slightly longer version would add that the lung problems that I've had since quitting smoking (and probably due to smoking, of course) are not doing me any favors. I'm generally healthy in terms of the equipment that the EMT had available (blood pressure was normal, pulse was fine, and so on), excepting of course for my lung function. In addition to that, I was coughing quite a lot (even seeing stars at one point) and had some severe dizziness. On top of that, I was feverish and covered in a cold sweat for a while. I need to find a way to sit that doesn't collapse my lungs. I was advised to see a doctor in the next few days (or immediately if symptoms reappear), but lacking insurance I'll have to look up the local free clinic. If there is one. Or else I could always do the dumb thing that we are forced toward and use the ER as a substitute for proper medical care, which I hate even thinking about.

Bah. Anyway, I'm fine now. If you want to give me advice, please send it to me in private. You can use my whateley23 at that there yahoo dawt calm address. But note that I am not actually asking for advice, although I will accept it if given (though I reserve the right not to act on it, of course).

As usual, some of my neuroses came up. I couldn't help but apologize to everyone for being so intrusive and needy as to ask for help. I need to get over that. I'm not even sure why I do that. It's one of the things that I am sure I could root out if I just knew why I do it.

I've probably forgotten to include things I meant to say, but this will do for now.


Nov. 27th, 2012 06:41 pm
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2562 words, for a validated total of 50,001. That is a novel.

It's a crappy one. Characters vanished into nowhere as they were no longer important. Strange powers appeared and disappeared as I forgot about them, then reappeared when I remembered them. Dialogue was sometimes forced to play out a plot point instead of letting a character speak. The story itself was simplistic and meandering. Items of background were introduced without concern for their impact on the setting, then discarded when they were no longer important to the plot. Every once in a while, I forgot which setting I was placing the story, and it changed to a different one, then back.

But it is done. I wrote a 50,000 word novel in 27 days.
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2127 words today, bringing the running total to 47,439. That leaves me with at least 2561 to go, which means I should be done tomorrow, or possibly the next day.

The invasion of the city was almost an anticlimax. All that is left is to put in place a new government to replace the tyrant who set this whole story in motion by fighting with one of the protagonists. This all feels like epilogue. I need to figure out something to spice it up. And I have a nasty imagination at times.
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2665 words today, bringing the total to 45,312 according to the official word-counter at the NaNoWriMo site.

The big battle happened. Many Bothanspeople died. Strange allies (who have been foreshadowed from early on) appeared, then vanished just as quickly. One of the main characters can't get an image from the fight out of his head. There's more fighting ahead, though. It looks like love will win the field in the end.

Hahaha, I crack me up.
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Yesterday, I wrote 1825 words, bringing the total to 40,502.

Today, 2145 words have made it into the file, bringing me up to 42,647.

Yesterday, there was a completely gratuitous fellatio scene. OK, it wasn't completely gratuitous. It also wasn't very explicit. Today, there was no sex at all, but there was sobbing and whining about the past. And laser-armed motor-trikes. And power armor, which is, you know, not what you expect to see in a fantasy story, but this is science fantasy, so, you know, whatever.

This story has gotten weird, but not weird enough to be salvageable in its current form. There are bits that I might plunder in the future. I need to discipline myself better, set boundaries and not run merrily past them. Either that, or just jump off the deepest end of the mental pool like some sort of deranged love-child of William S. Burroughs and Hunter S. Thompson channeling Maldoror while buggering Michael Moorcock.

Hehehe. "Moorcock".
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I wrote 2377 words, bringing the running total to 38,677. Everything I wrote is part of an extended dream sequence (the wizard, Ahlissa, is trying to get some information about a threat only she can sense coming, and she is wandering in the dream world to do so). It was… not exactly porny, but a portion of it was pretty intensely and graphically sexual, in a surrealist way. There was a universe-spanning phallus, an intersexed goat-man who was also at the same time a bull and a stag, and a cosmically significant orgasm/explosion of kundalini serpent power that resulted in the creation of the world, sort of. I tried to pack as much Freudian, Jungian, and mystic/mythic/magical significance into the scene as I could, and I'm actually pretty pleased with the result. It could probably do with some editing, but there's a lot that I like about it.
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1455 words, bringing it up to 36,300 even. The characters are still yammering about the philosophical implications of what they're doing. (And relationship worries are surfacing, much to one character's dismay. I wonder if she'll be able to weather them.) But the war is coming down the pike with inevitability. Soon, all of the hand-wringing will be put to the test. Are they who they think they are? Will their resolve fail at the last moment? Who knows? Certainly not me.
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2269 words today, for a total so far of 34,845. All the characters are being introspective and thinking about what they are doing, about each other, whether vengeance has meaning or can at least serve as the basis of meaningful action otherwise, about moving on after a relationship ends (um, because one of the parties died), and stupid crap like that. I want them to get back to beating up the cads who deserve it, but they've got a bit of a journey before they can. Who knows, though? Maybe something will come up.
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Yesterday, I didn't write anything at all. I had suffered a bout of insomnia, which meant that I didn't get to sleep until about four hours after my normal bedtime, and then I woke up correspondingly later.

Today, I wrote 2399 words, totaling 32,576. I'm still ahead of the game, by over 2500 words.
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Insomnia kept me up far too late, and I ended up sleeping through the period of the day that is normally most productive for me. As a result, I decided to take the day off of writing. Since I could also skip tomorrow and still be at par to finish by the end of the month (and my average writing speed is enough that I could probably even forgo writing for several more days this month), I don't think that it's going to be a problem.
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Forgot to post the count here yesterday. I wasn't feeling it, and only got 874 written yesterday. Today was more productive, with 2918 words. That makes a running total of 28,482 so far. I'm pretty sure that I've got this.
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Decided to pack it in after 2273 words, bringing me to a total of 24,690. That's pretty close to halfway there. I've been averaging 1899 words a day, including the two days where I didn't really write much at all. At this rate, if I can keep it up, the NaNoWriMo website shows a trend toward finishing around the 26th.

The characters are being a lot more sexual than I had intended. In part, this is because of an event earlier in the story, but they are not yet aware of it. One of them has begun to suspect what's going on, though. She's the only one who would be able to do anything about it, but she is still deciding if she wants to. After all, if she does, it might turn out that what she had wanted, and had gotten, will slip away from her.

Not yet sure what these events have to do with the larger story arc, but I'm sure that I'll find out. Yay, picaresque!
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I had to run some errands today, so I wasn't able to write as much as I probably could have. I might get some more written, but I wouldn't bet on it. The momentum of the day is pretty much broken. Yesterday, I didn't write even one word, as I was distracted by the Firefly marathon on the Science Channel.

I do still love that series a great deal.

Anyway, 2282 words, giving a total to date of 22,417. There has not been a day where I've fallen under par in the NaNoWriMo challenge of this year, even with two days out of the twelve so far where I wrote less than a thousand words (including yesterday, where I wrote zero).
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The rest from writing yesterday (where I only managed a measly 714 words) seems to have done the trick (though I also credit the large amount of caffeine I drank after I woke up), as I got in a record (for me) 4020 words so far today, for a total to date of 20,135. Also, finally the two characters who had been dancing around it managed to get themselves together, overcome their ghosts, and fuck. It only took a shock to their systems, almost literally.

I may manage some more words today, but I seem to have come to a break for the moment.
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Yesterday, 1903 words, totaling 15,401.


Nov. 8th, 2012 12:41 am
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1924 words, for a total so far of 13,498.
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I feel like an exile. I lived for years in the Capitol Hill neighborhood of Seattle. The neighborhood is widely known as a center of Seattle's gay culture, and although that is less true now than it was 20 years ago, it is still true enough. Anyway, in the wake of the news of the successful passage of R-74, a referendum of the people affirming the legislature's measure to legalize marriage for same-sex couples, there is a huge party on the Hill. There is dancing in the streets. I miss my old neighborhood, my home from which I am absent.

We've also legalized marijuana.
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